Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OSIsoft PI Server To (Re)Support Batch By 2013

As previously discussed:

PI ModuleDB is Old-And-Busted; PI AF is the New-Hotness.

And with PI Server 2010, OSIsoft has decided that PI AF is the path to the future.

What's going on is that they are building a new way of describing your plant's assets using Microsoft SQL Server as the guts of the software.

Since PI Batch is intimately tied to PI ModuleDB, it leaves PI Batch users in a lurch.

Well, be left in the lurch no more.  PI EventFrames is coming:

Old-and-BustedNew Hotness
PI BatchDBPI EventFrames

In this LinkedIn discussion, Todd Brown and Buck Bard talk about 2013 as the timeframe for when EventFrames get support.

tl;dr - Biopharma PI users, keep holding your horses.  No need to put in that Change Order for the upgrade, yet.

p.s - Until 2013, PI ModuleDB and PI Batch still work.

p.s.s - Join the PI Professionals LinkedIn group if you work with OSI PI.

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