Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FDAzilla 483 Deal for Zymergi readers

disclosure: FDAzilla uses Zymergi software.

We love promoting our associates, partners and customers (at least the ones who want to be promoted).

FDAzilla is a website that gathers intelligence on the FDA. They used our software to create the world's largest 483 store. The 483 themselves are redacted PDF files that list the inspectional observations:

483If you have time, it's cheaper to go straight to the FDA and get these 483 PDF files. It'll take several weeks and you don't have any idea of the cost until the FOIA job is completed.

But if you value your time, your anonymity and your budget, here's why you go with their store:
  • You can buy 483 inspectional observations instantly (otherwise, fill out an FOIA request and wait for an FDA rep to get back to you).
  • You can buy the 483 reports anonymously (...other than the NSA knowing, of course).
  • Every 483 is $119 a piece.

The FDAzilla Store and InspectorRank tool is especially good when an FDA inspector arrives onsite and you need quick access to the inspectional observations of this specific auditor.

Here's Megan Haggerty's 483 reports. And here's good ole Lance De Souza's 483 reports.

There's plenty of intel on these inspectors; but that also means you need to buy quite a few to get a good idea of the type of FDA inspector you have sitting in the conference room.

So for Zymergi blog readers, FDAzilla is offering the following discount code:


Use this zymergi5 discount code when you buy 5 or more 483 pdf documents and you'll get 16% off!

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