Friday, March 20, 2015

New Features for ZOOMS 2.2.4 (shipped)

There are a just a couple of usability improvements for ZOOMS 2.2.4.

Remove keywords with click.

Customers were telling us that it is easy to search for a trend by clicking on the various links within the search engine result page (SERP). But it was hard to remove some of the parameters that they didn't want. With ZOOMS 2.2.4, you're able to remove any keyword from the query with a simple click.

Below the search bar, there is a statement indicating that results were found including the timestamp of the search (in case the user has stepped away, they ought to know that the trend may be stale).

Further below the search bar is a list of all the keywords that were recognized by ZOOMS. Units are shown with a unit icon. Parameters are shown with a parameter icon..etc.

As of ZOOMS 2.2.4, these keywords are buttons with an "x" to the right-hand-side. Clicking the button will remove that keyword from the search box (so that you can re-search).

Show Values textbox travels

Another comment we were getting was that the "show values" textarea stayed at the top, and when you had multiple trends found, if you clicked "show values" on a lower trend, you could not see that the values actually populated. With 2.2.4, this issue has been fixed. The textarea "follows" you as you scroll:

This does not require a full re-install, just a single-file to update the changes. Go ahead and send email Zymergi Technical Support and we'll send you the file and instructions.

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