Monday, August 6, 2012

OSI PI ProcessBook Glossary

There's a ton of confusion regarding PI ProcessBook terminology. This short post will help clear it up.
PI ProcessBook
A OSIsoft-written Windows application that renders trends with PI data
PI processbook
Because this is the software people use to view PI data, users often confuse this with PI itself.
A file-type (.piw) that can be read by PI ProcessBook application. Helps organize displays
PI processbook
A ProcessBook is one of two types of files that can be opened by PI ProcessBook (the application) used to organize displays and help users navigate the plethora of files on the file server.
Display (aka "PI Display)
A file-type (.pdi) that can be read by PI ProcessBook application. Typically, users open pre-configured displays to view data
PI processbook
PI display is where the magic happens.
An object on a display that graphically represents PI data
A symbol that plots tag data versus time
PI processbook
The trend where PI data gets plotted. Users interact with the Trend symbol the most to visualize what's happening with the process.
A curve on the trend of plotted PI point data. The above trend has 3 traces.
If you understand the world in Microsoft Excel terms, here's the analogy:

Excel PI ProcessBook

If you open up VBA (Alt-F11) and explore the guts of PI ProcessBook, you'll see that the objects behind PI ProcessBook are named this way.

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