Thursday, August 16, 2012

PI ProcessBook - Best Biopharma Practices 3

ProcessBook can open 2 types of files:

  1. .PIW are ProcessBooks
  2. .PDI are Displays
And frankly, I can't think of a good reason to have .PIW files anymore.

ProcessBook (.piw) files are mostly navigational.  You create this glorified outline of essentially text links:

And that's it.  Your users are looking at an outline.  Big whoops.

In its heyday, I bet this knocked the socks off a ton of people.  But we have the internet.  Even the desktop browser seems old compared to these snazzy phones and tablets.

The world has grown up in a damn hurry and for PI ProcessBook to compete, you basically have to go with PI displays.

My recommendation is to create remarkable PI displays for more than just engineers and operators.  Here's that same PIW file made into a PI display:

processbook area overview

So instead of a static text-linked outline, make a display where you can see the entire area.  In the above figure, there are only 5 units in use.  Now, users aren't wasting their time clicking into the display for a unit that has nothing going on.

And this is important when you want to engage infrequent-PI users.  Not everyone has a job where looking at the process is a daily task.

Moreover, these area overview displays are a low buck, high bang activity...especially for management.  Managers like to see the things they're paying for... the easiest way to show off their investment in PI is to create remarkable displays that they can relate to.

The more you market their investments to them, the more they're willing to plow cash back into your projects.

It's a win for your users.  It's a win for your management.  And it's a win for you.

Previous best practices:

  1. Standardize On Colors For Key Parameters.
  2. Use White/transparent Background For Presentation-Ready Displays.

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