We provide clients with technical support as outlined in our Technical Support Agreement.

Onsite Support

Zymergi field service engineer(s) will travel to your premises to put minds in meetings, fingers on keyboards to troubleshoot and solve urgent operational issues.

We require at least 24-hour advance notice and will generally get someone in a car or on plane within 48-hours.

Remote Support

Remote support is typically a phone call to us and we troubleshoot issues over the phone. Sometimes, we may have to Webex if the problem is difficult.

When calling 650-646-4996, please be ready with the following:

  1. Your Name and Company
  2. Product and Version
  3. Description of your problem.

Less common is sending us an email, but we respond to those within 24-hours as well.

Also, the Zymergi KnowledgeBase is a good resource. We often document our solutions there.