Software, support and consulting for biotech and process companies.


Our mission is to help customers get more eyeballs on their cell culture/fermentation data.

The less time getting the data means more time for process understanding. At the end of the day, your team will find the "knobs" to turn in your process that increases volumetric productivity.


Happy, repeat customers range from small specialty chemical to biotech goliaths. They're interested in our domain knowledge, hands-on experience and can-do ethic.

Generally speaking, our small customers are interested in process support know-how and tools. Our bigger customers are interested in system-support and risk-mitigation.


Zymergi is a data solutions company founded in 2007 by two smart engineers from the biotech industry who were passionate to find a better way for data. We currently serve several clients in the life sciences and chemical industries through our portfolio of field service work and software products.

We are in the business of unleashing the power of your manufacturing data. Our products and services are designed to help you maximize the investment value of your PI manufacturing data system. Simply by making your data dramatically more accessible and usable to your broader team, your organization spends more time finding/fixing the right problems and less time finding/fixing the right data.

When it comes to data, we believe in the tenet of give it to them when and how they want it, enabling creativity and innovation in your best engineers and problem-solvers.

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