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Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Things About Connecting To DeltaV OPC Server

Configuring an OPC client to talk to DeltaV's OPC Server is a chore. And surprisingly, there's not a lot of Google-ready goodies on the matter.

To rectify that situation, here's a list of the Top 5 things you need to know about OPC.DeltaV.1

5. OPC Remote - required client software

OPC Remote refers to the software you need to install on the OPC Client to be able to talk to DeltaV OPC.  I found this strange because when I was the PI OPC Interface to a KEPServerEX, OSI provided all the software for the OPC client and Kepware provided all the software for the OPC server.

Whatever the case, you need to execute OPCRemote.exe on each machine you designate as an OPC client. This package contains the requirements and diagnostic tools like OPC WatchIt.

4. OPC WatchIt! - diagnostic tool

This Windows application is a single form that let's you connect to the DeltaV OPC Server.  It's installed on the DeltaV Application Station and you ought to run it there to see if the OPC Server is up.

If it's working on the App Station, but not on the client machine, you know that you have a connectivity problem.  If it's working on the client machine, you know you're close to getting data flowing.

3. FrsOpcDv

The DeltaV OPC Server does NOT run as it's own Windows Service.
Taskmgr FrsOpcDv
 As in, if you type services.msc and go hunting through that list, you won't find anything that resembles the OPC server.   But if you type taskmgr and look through the programs that are running, you'll see FrsOpcDv.exe.  That, right there, is the DeltaV OPC Server.

This means that when you're setting up DCOM settings that you need to visit this entry in DCOM Config.

2. Local User Account is Your Only Option

There's only one way to connect to DeltaV OPC Server and that's with a local user account.  The one that's pre-configured is called, "DeltaVAdmin."  This account has to exist on the DeltaV App Station as well as the PROPLUS for the data to get sent.

What's crazier is that DeltaV is hard-coded to block anonymous access, which means your OPC client must be running as DeltaVAdmin (or equivalent).  If you're connecting DeltaV to a PI-OPC Interface, make sure the interface is running as "DeltaVAdmin".  This is basically your only option to getting it to work: you cannot use the local SYSTEM account.

1. DeltaVAdmin Needs DCOM Permissions

It follows that you need to create a local user on your OPC client called DeltaVAdmin.  It also follows that you need to grant this local DeltaVAdmin user Local and Remote authorities:

  • Local Access
  • Remote Access
  • Local Launch 
  • Remote Launch
  • Local Activation
  • Remote Activation
That's basically the list of things I wish I knew going into connecting to a DeltaV system via OPC.

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