Friday, August 9, 2013

Most Interesting Customers in the World Hire Zymergi

most interesting man in the world hires zymergi This is generally our experience.

But we're professionals, so we get it.

For prospective customers, this is how it goes:
  1. You give us a call and we basically have a phone interview.
    There's actually not much to talk about since we're not yet under confidentiality, so..
  2. We need to sign non-disclosure.
    Typically, your Legal department wants us to sign your NDA.  In the meantime, if you need confidentiality you can sign Zymergi's Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Now, we can chat:
    * You tell us your problems
    * We tell you if we can help and if there's availability.
  4. If business sounds worthwhile, you produce a purchase order.
    Vendor on-boarding is typically the rate-limiting step, but Zymergi has seen 36-hour turn arounds.
Next-day onsite service is usually impossible.  But depending on how adept you are at generating a purchase order (PO), we have been able to send consultants the following week.

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