Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If Kryptonite is Root Cause, What's the CAPA?

Superman is out there beating up and capturing your above-average-IQ'ed criminals. What do you suppose his success rate is?

100%, right?

I mean, how do you go up against a guy who can fly, has heat-ray vision, X-ray vision and can withstand all applications of the Second Amendment?

superman kryptonite
Superman succumbing to kryptonite
Answer: You can't.

But suppose Superman pits himself against an evil genius,  say Lex Luthor, who discovered that Superman loses his powers upon exposure to kryptonite.

Superman's success rate just plummeted to 0%.

Were he to perform an analysis while floating around helplessly in a pool of water with kryptonite chained around his neck to identify the root cause of his downfall, what do you suppose the most probable cause (MPC) would be?

  • Would it be the gullibility of honest/small-town upbringing?
    If so, this wouldn't explain his high success against other criminals.

  • Would it be Lex Luthor's cunning?
    If so, this root cause could not explain the supervillain Brainiac of similarly high intellect.

  • Would it be the kryptonite?
Most people would stop here and say the true root cause of his new low-success rate would be the kryptonite itself. Take away the kryptonite and Superman is back to 100% success. Bring back the kryptonite:  0%.

But if the Son of Jor-El assigned blame to kryptonite, what's the CAPA?

 A federal regulation banning the possession of kryptonite?  Federally-licensed kryptonite dealers?  Universal-background check on kryptonite purchases?

See, I say the true root cause is Superman's pre-existing condition that makes him vulnerable to kryptonite. If you (somehow) take away this vulnerability, Superman would have 100% success all the time.

If he hired me to increase his success rates, I'd craft a super-suit made of lead. The extra bulk would not encumber him given his strength nor would he be susceptible to lead poisoning. Maybe throw in lead face-paint, lead gloves and lead boots to deflect the radiation from the kryptonite.

The key to a permanent increase in success rates may be to challenge conventional thinking and to address pre-existing vulnerabilities in your process--no matter how much success your process delivered in the past.

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