Friday, January 11, 2013

FREE Replacement for Your Gen 1 iPod Nano

So it turns out that there is a manufacturing defect in the battery of the iPod Nano.

ipod nano
Turns out I'm a proud owner of one of these bad boys. In 2000, Genentech had these five corporate goals that we needed to hit by the year 2005... Management called it the 5x5 goals.

We hit 4 out of 5 and Art handed out iPod Nanos to every employee. Art is now the chairman of Apple's board, but at the time, he was an Apple board member probably trying to help out his AAPL shares.

Whatever the case, we got these kick ass color-screened iPods that were small as heck.  They went great with the Nike+ shoe dongle.

Guess what.  There's a manufacturing defect with the battery such that it overheats.

Worse, the overheating gets worse with age.  So Apple is offering a modern iPod Nano in exchange for your current iPod Nano.

Trade in Gen 1 iPod Nano

So dig up that Nano you don't use so you can trade it in for another iPod Nano that you're not going to  use.

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