Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top Selling Biologics for 2011 by @CellCultureDish

Two weeks ago, The Cell Culture Dish posted their list of top selling biologics for 2011.

It's a good read.  TheDish points out that though even though CHO is a decades-old technology, it remains the "workhorse" of the biologics industry 20-years after its first application.

pareto top 10 2011 expression systems
Pareto Plot showing CHO rules the Top 10

Of the Top 10 biologics sold in 2011, almost 40 billion dollars were biologics produced from CHO; this figure accounts for 75% of Top 10 worldwide sales.  E.Coli stood at about 12% of total Top 10 list.

How much longer can CHO remain dominant?  According to TheDish, there area 3 areas of work to keep that dominance going:
  1. Gene synthesis
  2. Media optimization
  3. Perfusion
My opinion on the dominance of CHO is simply momentum.  The cost of Genentech/Roche switching off CHO is too great when the infrastructure to produce antibodies with CHO is already in place.

For grins, I made a pareto by company:

pareto top 10 2011 by company

And the ranking goes:
  1. Roche
  2. Amgen
  3. Abbott
I know it says BiogenIdec as 3rd, but the Rituxan accounted for 6.7 billion in sales, but not all of it goes to BiogenIdec; I'm pretty sure it is split with (Genentech)/Roche.  So that Roche bar ought to be taller and the BiogenIdec bar ought to be shorter.

Nice read, TheDish... nice read.

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