Thursday, September 27, 2012

Patching Windows (OSI PI) Servers

A word to the wise:

When you're patching a Windows Server on which an OSIsoft PI server is installed, this is your worst enemy.

Restart Now

It sucks... big time, and here's why:

When you click Restart Now, it shuts down in a manner that corrupts the PI Event Queue. You're going to have data flowing to the PI Snapshot but doesn't make it into the PI Archives.

Then you have to call OSI TechSupport to dig yourself out of this mess.

Final message? Pay Attention! Click Close and go get yourself some coffee. You saved yourself 2-hours of hassle.

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Anonymous said...

Oliver, thanks for pointing this out. We have updated our KB article accordingly (see Step 3):

What is the recommended procedure for applying Microsoft Operating System patches to PI Servers and interface nodes?

Jay Lakumb
PM, PI Server