Monday, July 9, 2012

Well, this is flattering...

Here is a competitor's activities on my website:


They're searching virtually every OSI PI error code and concept there is on supporting and administrating OSIsoft PI servers.

This is actually more common than you'd think.  There are a lot of automation contractors that are experts at PLC and DCS control systems.  And when there are big automation projects, these guys land the big jobs with the process historian as the afterthought.

But if you're a company that understands that your manufacturing data is the crown jewels of your continuous process improvement initiatives (be it SPC, Six Sigma, Lean, Class A...), you can see from my website analytics that even good automation engineers need a lot of help when it comes to OSIsoft PI support.

My awesome customers understand this and can trust that when they deploy an OSIsoft PI system that it was installed and configured by a battle-tested manufacturing sciences engineer with a proven record supporting commercial GMP campaigns.

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