Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Upgrading to PI Server 2010 for PI Batch Users

PI Server 2010 is the latest PI server offering from OSIsoft. I don't know for a fact, but this seems like a marketing nomenclature to emulate Microsoft's Office 2007, Windows Server 2008...etc. It'll remind me the way my Office 97 makes me feel 14-years behind the times.

Whatever the case, the internal versioning system remains the same: PI Server 2010 is still version 3.4.385.59. What is drastically different is that PI Server 2010 requires (mandates/coerces) users to have PI Asset Framework (PI AF).

Ok, so what's PI AF? PI AF is essentially a scaleable PI Module Database, and what makes it scaleable is that it's built on Microsoft SQL Server. This means that you need to have SQL Server (or SQL Server Express) installed somewhere. Over time, the PI Module Database will be deprecated in favor of PI AF. So the default behavior of the PI Server 2010 is to copy the ModuleDB to PI AF and put it in read-only mode.

The problem is that there are PI applications that use PI ModuleDB that have NOT been moved to PI AF... for us in biotech, that's PI Batch. So in order to keep these customer happy, OSIsoft provides an option for PI AF to be synchronized with PI ModuleDB, but this requires preparation. The PI MDB to AF Preparation Wizard is what achieves this and this wizard comes with PI SMT 2010... which means you need to install PI SMT 2010 next.

Once the PI MDB to AF Preparation Wizard is run and all the errors fixed, you can proceed with upgrading your PI server to PI Server 2010.

How to Upgrade to PI Server 2010 resized 600

This gives you the overview of upgrading to PI Server 2010. This upgrade is not as straightforward as previous upgrades because of the AF mandate. The devil is in the details and you should run through this process several times before apply it in the GMP environment.

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