ZOOMS is a search engine for OSIsoft PI

People use search engines to find things on the internet. Yet with process data, there is no search engine, until now. Zymergi ZOOMS helps:

  • Get Data to more eyeballs.
  • Analyze to know what is routine.
  • Solve problems sooner.


  • Search trend data from PI
    "Google" trends; Get results in seconds.
  • Use any browser
    Casual PI users can get data, too.
  • Keep using PI tools
    ProcessBook for power-users. ZOOMS for everyone else.
  • Intellisense to help search
    Don't know what to search for? That's why you have ZOOMS.
  • Built on Microsoft platform
    Easy to support


  • Simple Interface
    The proven interface simplifies use and cuts training costs for everyone.
  • Relevant Results
    Stop wasting time with the tool. Start finding trends, units, aliases and batches.
  • Low-barriers for adoption
    PI data in a browser means no client software installation
  • No Sharepoint
    Light footprint is easy-to-install and support.
  • Send the Trend
    You've just uncovered something. Send the link in an email.

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