Search Engine for OSIsoft PI

The world has gotten used to finding things by typing keywords into a search engine.  Yet in the enterprise, finding crucial process trends by keywords is non-existent.  
Even with web-enabled trends, most users encounter a learning curve. 

ZOOMS is our answer to turning your casual user into a heavy user for greater visibility and all around increase in understanding the value of PI data.

What ZOOMS Has To Offer

“ZOOMS is awesome.  I can't believe a few keywords gets my people to their data.”

Senior Manager - Fortune 500 biotech company

How Does It Work?

Metadata.  The key to ZOOMS is generating metadata for your facility: you need metadata to describe your equipment hierarchy; you need metadata to describe what parameter each tag represents.  You point ZOOMS to the right PI server.  You configure security.  And then you're rolling.

Simple for PI admins; simpler for users.

Why It Does Work?

People have been searching by keyword since forever.  

There's no real training involved, which is why 7-year olds to VPs use search-engines.

ZOOMS is the most effective way to engage the non-user with process/trend data.

A Word From Our Founder

Zymergi created ZOOMS for one reason:

Too few are harnessing the power of trend data.

If you believe people are spending too much time wrangling the tool rather than analyzing the data, ZOOMS is for you.

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