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Zymergi SQL Tool (ZST)

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The Zymergi SQL Tool is a very lightweight web-application that quickly liberates data from databases and renders it on the web.



With ZST, websites can be generated from your database(s) in no time at all. You save time and money by increasing the flow of information.

The solution is built on Microsoft .NET technologies and is designed to operate on a Windows Server with IIS 6.0 - Microsoft's web server, ASP.NET - Microsoft's dynamic web-page engine, and the .NET Framework 2.0 - Microsoft's library of code for newer systems.


Configuration of ZST is largely working with the ZST configuration file (zst.config).

The principal activities of configuring the ZST involves:

  1. Figuring out the connection string that belongs to your database and writing them into the <connection></connection> elements of the ZST.config file
  2. Figuring out the SQL statements that you want to be seeing and writing them into the <sql></sql> elements of the ZST.config file.

Go through it once with Zymergi experts, and you'll know how to do it in no time at all.


A successful installation is contingent upon several prerequisites.

  1. You should have a running OleDb- or ODBC-compliant database.
  2. Your database should have data.
  3. Your server should have the proper drivers as applicable.
  4. Your server should be a Windows Server
  5. Your server should be running IIS 6.0
  6. Your server should have .NET Framework 2.0
  7. Your server should have ASP.NET 2.x
  8. Your server may need the MDAC 2.8 installed

The ZST installation procedure will make sure that items 4 through 8 are there. You pretty much need 1 through 3.

After the prerequisites are met, the installation will copy and the ZST files to the Windows Server running IIS and ASP.NET 2.x or higher.


The Zymergi Sql Tool was designed to quickly get data out of databases and onto webpages. The goal is, therefore, a url, that can execute a specific query (.q) against a specific database (db).

Parameters of the Url (GET)


In the example above, the url refers to a database identified as 'ccp'. This parameter/argument/token refers to an XML element in your configuration file (typically called zst.config that lives in the same folder as zst.aspx) whose value contains the connection string to the database.

The url also refers to the query as 'properties'. This parameter, 'properties' refers to an XML element in your configuration file whose value contains the SQL statement(s) you wish to enact against the database.

Sending parameters via POST

zst.aspx also handles requests sent with form posts. Simply create an html form whose action is refers to the zst.aspx url:

<form method="POST" action="/zst.aspx">
  <input type="text" name="pid" />
  <input type="hidden" name="db" value="ccp"/>
  <input type="hidden" name=".q" value="properties>
  <input type="submit" name="submit" />

The result of this html form will parameterize zst.aspx.


The following are the files of the Zymergi SQL Tool:

  1. zym.SqlTool.dll - contains libraries for getting and transforming the data - required
  2. zst.aspx - handles HTML requests and operates the functions of ZST.dll - required
  3. zst.config - an XML file that stores database connection and query configurations - required
  4. default.xsl - the default data transformation - optional (if you've fastidiously specified every transform)
  5. supporting .xsl files - the data transformations you've specified

Note: zym.SqlTool.dll MUST live in the bin directory of IIS, which is typically c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin

The other files are designed to live into whatever folder you've configured for use by IIS.

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