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The Zymergi KnowledgeBase is our knowledge repository where we post articles relevant to software, technical support, and consulting for process manufacturers. The intended audience is our customers and field engineers, but this knowledge is made available to you to showcase our technical prowess.

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, please support@zymergi.com


About Zymergi

Zymergi provides fermentation software and process improvement consulting to biotech companies. Founded in 2007 by two smart engineers from the biotech industry who were passionate to find a better way for data. We currently serve several clients in the life sciences and chemical industries through our portfolio of field service work and software products.

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Zymergi Software

Zymergi software is based on the idea that user-experience is everything. When users like working with a system, they’ll forge out and ‘lower the waters’ to find problems before you actually encounter them.


"Google" for PI
What if everyone in your plant could easily access the data in PI real-time?

ZOOMS is our flagship software product that makes your PI data searchable. It makes searching for data as easy as using Google - a Google for PI. This new access to the data opens up opportunities for deeper and more nimble problem-solving, analysis, and daily operational troubleshooting.

This evolutionary front-end to PI will change the way you take action.

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Zymergi SQL Tool (ZST)

Zymergi SQL Tool (ZST) is an ultra-lightweight application that puts databases on the web.

Analyzable data is often an after-thought with commercial off-the-shelf web-applications built to manage workflow and data capture. The ZST is designed for rapid creation of dynamic web-pages and transformation of data into analysis-ready formats.

A common application of the ZST is to build read-only websites that put your Trackwise Discrepancy, Change-Control and other RDBMS data sources on the intranet. When combined with a full-text search-engine, customers get Google-enabled web-databases.

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Technical Support

We have been OSIsoft Partners since our founding and we provide services to PI Server customers in Specialty Chemicals and Life Sciences.


Our services include:

Generally, we bid on SCADA projects and we enter into yearly support-agreements for maintenance and administration.


Zymergi consults in applying statistics and statistical process control (SPC) to the world of manufacturing. This know-how - when applied to the data fetched by our software - empowers manufacturing leaders to reduce process variability and to increase yields.

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