In short, we can figure out some things about you, but not everything.

Web Analytics

We use software like Google Analytics to see who comes to our website. This 3rd-party software collects things like your OS, your browser, your IP address, the keywords that you use to get to the site as well as other things.

Generally speaking, we don't know who you are - only vague things about the software you use and what you're looking for.

When You Submit a Form

The only way we get your personally identifiable information is if you explicitly give it to us by filling out a form and clicking a button. If you don't want us to know about you, simply don't fill out any forms.

If you do submit your contact information, we promise never to sell, rent, disclose it to third parties. We will only contact you to follow-up on leads: it's good business.


When you become a customer, we will have a signed non-disclosure agreement. This is what puts the force of law behind our good business relationship.