mugshot of Oliver Yu

Oliver Yu, Founder, President

Prior to founding Zymergi, Oliver Yu spent 7 years at Genentech where he was responsible for data analysis of large-scale cell culture and support of process analytical systems.

He has a Master's of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Biological Engineering from Cornell University.

mugshot of Tony Chen

Tony Chen, VP Sales & Marketing

Tony is VP of Zymergi and responsible for sales, marketing, and business development. He brings to Zymergi 10 years experience of new product and new business launches in the pharma, healthcare and web industries. Tony also has extensive experience in web 2.0; he founded and led a social media company, Hospital Impact, which was acquired by a healthcare publisher in 2008.

Tony received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.