3 things we know inside out, backwards and forwards: data, PI, and programming.

Have a tough data quandary that you don't know how to solve in PI? Trying to figure out how best to access the data for a deeper analysis? As 10-year-superusers of PI, we have seen or faced similar problems and can often solve problems quickly, efficiently, and (if we do say so ourselves) elegantly. For example, after several months of trying to get to the bottom of a data problem, one client called us in - and we identified and completely fixed the problem in less than 3 days. While this may not be typical of our field service work, we are confident that our mastery of the PI systems (both old and new) and database-related programming positions us well to fix your most thorny PI problems.

We also are programmers. In some sense, we want to work ourselves out of a job. This is exactly the premise behind ZOOMS - our flagship software product that makes your manufacturing data "googleable" for your entire team. This product essentially provides you with an open website for your team to easily and intuitively search your manufacturing data and export the most relevant data for deeper analysis. Through the power of programming, we have developed products that make it easy for you, the user, to focus more on what the data means instead of where the data is.

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