FREE Case Study On Solving Large-scale Commercial Bioreactor Contamination

zymergi bioreactor illustrationExcessive cell culture contamination is the top reason commercial campaigns fail. There is not a lot of literature on this because, frankly... it's embarrassing to admit.

Well, Zymergi has roped in biotech-veteran, Robert Roumas, to discuss his 30-years of battling contaminations (Wait, the biotech industry only 30-years, right?). And was able to put together a case study on solving a rash of 5 weekly contaminations.

This FREE case study :

  • Features never before revealed Ishikawa Diagram for Troubleshooting Contaminations.
  • Describes the pitfalls of contamination investigations.
  • Walks through how we solved a large-scale commercial bioreactor contamination.

Stop 'waiting for that next culture to come down contaminated' and learn how this guy reduced contamination rates from 10% to 2%.